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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever (Book 6) by Jeff Kinney (2011-11-16)

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8 year old review

It is so funny and on a tv show i love jeff kinney's books! i recommend this book because it is appropriate for my age

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The cabin fever- a cole's class kid's review

Wow! this book was the best book ever! it starts when they have to be good or else they won't get presents for christmas, and then they go to a cabin and there is a problem. if you want to know, read the book, "diary of a wimpy kid, cabin fever." the pictures are the best part. the characters are rodrick, the older mean brother who tries to annoy greg. greg is the main main character. rowley is greg's best friend who stays by his side no matter what. i would rate this book as a five out of five because everything was good except for it being too short. besides that, it had a good title, a tiny mystery, a good base line, surprising actions, and good characters. so read "the cabin fever" for a good book. by brian

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Classroom purchase

I fought buying these books but if they get children to read then i had to submit. it is very popular in my classroom.