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Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The Third Wheel (Book 7)

Kekerochelle |

Christmas present for an advanced avid reader, my 7 ...

Christmas present for an advanced avid reader, my 7 year old cousin. he loves this series. will get him the next box set for his birthday or something this year if his mom hasn't already done so by then.

Hmc |

Great bargain and a great read

My kids love this set. we had bought the first book in the series and they were hooked. i was pleased to find this 10 book set on amazon for much less than what i would have spent at the store. the item shipped much faster than expected considering it came from england and it arrive over a week ahead of the estimated earliest arrival date and was in excellent shape when it arrived. the books are a fun read as they are a combination story and comic type read. both my 7 and 9 year old enjoy the storyline and argue over who gets to read the books first. overall a great bargain and a great read

Lisa w. |

Finally got my son really into reading

My little guy would rather be on video games than reading. he read this book in under a week (age 6) and is already onto the next 2 and has decided he likes reading and has moved onto other books with a little less attitude. i know the series isn't as wholesome as my old favorite (romana quimby), but it made my little boy love reading which makes me happy.