Brand : Noah Lugeons

Diatribes Volume 2: 50 More Essays from a Scathing Atheist (The Scathing Atheist Presents)

Stephen |

The most fun blasphemy one can have.

Noah is one of the finest wordsmiths of our time. his diatribes are always brilliant, informative, and hilarious. even if you've heard every episode of the scathing atheist podcast, there are still new introductions for all of his diatribes. do yourself a favor and get a copy today.

Kenny wyland |

Noah blows... my mind.

I've been an atheist for a long time and assumed i had all this stuff worked out and yet noah's diatribes continue to challenge ideas i hold or present a concept i already agree with in a new way that blows my mind.

Kyle stoddard |


Got this from my patreon subscription. amazing book filled with multiple atheist points to use against the seculurists.