Brand : Rafael C. Gonzalez

Digital Image Processing 3th (third) edition Text Only

Thomas edward |

A valuable learning aid

I just completed a semester of digital image processing where this was the course textbook. of the myriad textbooks i have used over the years, this one is definitely at the top of my list in terms of its clarity and organization. i ended up reading at least two thirds of this textbook, and the way that the authors present the material makes it very clear in most cases. i came away with the sense that the authors expended a great deal of effort in illustrating and explaining the concepts - more so than many textbooks i have encountered, especially those at the graduate engineering level. my only criticism is that certain parts of chapters 7 and 8 seemed a bit too extensive for an introductory image processing text; however, they were still good chapters and so i don't think that it warrants a deduction of a star in my rating. i highly recommend this text if you need to take an image processing course.

Nipa mody |

The leader in its pack! brilliantly written!

If you read this book, you will not need to take a course on this subject. well written, easy to understand, a delight to read, even if you no nothing about image processing.


The best image processing book ever!

A perfect image processing guide for beginners as well as advanced researchers. very easy to read, and has nice examples. (it does not cover some very advanced image processing concepts.)