Brand : the jam

Direction Reaction Creation [Vinyl]

Richard f. hastings |

Excellent collection

After wearing out my copies of snap!, i wanted the whole collection and this is it. there are a few overlaps, but the collection follows the chronology, offers some essays and rarities, and comes in a great presentation. excellent work. go for the import.

Lovblad |

Great stuff

Complete collection of the best punk and post-punk band ever from britain. while teh jam became superstas at home and one can understand why, one can also hear why their appeal was never universal. this was a very british take on punk derived music that had deep roots in the 60's music scene as well as in the pub rock movement of the 70's and that later type of music was never really adored anywhere else than in britain. anyway at ther prime they were great and prroduced an unequalled series of great pop rock singles. their lp souns affects represents their best effort and is the masterpiece of that era. however afer that it quite quickly went wrong: the gift is not that great...anyway this is as i wrote the complete collection and is really worth the purchase.

Ranrfanny |

Great but missing some stuff

As great as this jam anthology is, i was surprised that some rarities that were on "the jam-extras" are missing and also the entire live album, was it called "all mod cons"(not the posthumously released "live jam!:which i didnt buy). the trax on "extras",many of them superior are the great "pop art poem", a better demo of "a solid bond in your heart" than included here,acoustic demos of "no one in the world", "burning sky"."thick as thieves", "but i'm different now","hey mister", "saturday's kids", and "the eton rifles", a reworking of another song with different lyrics(i forget the song,its been so long) called "we've only started", a superior cover of the small faces "get yourself together" and covers of "and your bird can sing" and "i feel good(i got you)", and a better version of "boy about town." if any of these are on the anthology, i am sorry for my mistake. just to let you know, the jam extras is a great album, with 26 tracks, and excellent remastering, well worth buying!