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Dirty Dancing ( Keepsake Edition)


Dirty dancing review

Dirty dancing is a spectacular film which displays patrick swayze's dance techniques and skillls brillantly. the film shows a typical holiday romance and leading the girl to get her man! this is every womens film that they can enjoy and fantasize about!

Heybenny |

Fav romance

Just love love love this movie! can watch it every day for the rest of my life! definitely one of my top fav romances, if not number 1

A reviewer |

This film is probably the best ever filmed

This movie is beutiful. i do not understand the hate for it because it si such a lovely piece of work that i dont see how anyone can hate it???????? why do people need to make it sound so horrible, i think it is because they want to look clever and they probably havent even seen the movie anyway. patrick swayze is to die for and jennifer grey just looks so cute in her hotpants and she can really act too! the movie covers so many different topics of every teenagers life that you can really relate to baby, and what she goes through. i cried atthe end when everything was all ok because the movie was so well done and really got into my blood. if you didn't like this its because you didnt get it and you must not understand movies then????? go rent or buy this now as i higly recomend it.