Brand : Matt Smith

Doctor Who: The Complete Sixth Series

M. anderson |

Great start to the new season

I love story lines that are longer than one episode and that keep you guessing all the way through the story's plot, which this one does with great success!

Faye hollidaye |

It just keeps getting better and more intriguing!

The characters are the best yet. you'll fall in love with them all, i assure you, if you haven't already. another great season from doctor who, this one is even better than the last, though it's hard to believe it can possibly get any better. the only thing i want to complain about is the daleks(?) - i hate them, they're annoying - but they're supposed to be unlikeable, since they're villains, right? anyway, i highly recommend to those who like science fiction and time-travel adventures that are family-safe.

John n. |

Dr who season 6 prequel

Very good, we were worried about this new season but it upholds the high entertainment value of dr who! the girl companion is very good, best since billy was on first season.