Brand : DefenderX

Dog Toothbrush - DefenderX Long 8.5 Inches Double Headed Dog Toothbrushes For Dogs Cats Pets Tool - Suitable For Small & Large Teeth - Easy To Use, Portable -For Advanced Dog Dental Care,Green

T.r. |


We are looking for our fur baby and i wanted to have everything ready for when we find him or her. since we do not have pets i did use this on a friend's puppy. at first she thought it was a chew toy but after a few mins she just sat there and let me brush her teeth. i will say that this tooth brush is amazing!! we used a dog toothpaste( a mix of beef bouillon cube, baking soda, salt and parsley) it left my friends dog with a fresh smelling mouth. i do plan to buy a few more packages for my animal loving friends! i could not be any happier with this purchase! i received this product at a discount price for my honest and unbiased review.

Elliehanna |

They are long which is very nice when trying to get to the back teeth of ...

4 pet toothbrushes, not much you can say about them. they are long which is very nice when trying to get to the back teeth of a larger dog. they have 2 different sizes on each tooth brush which makes it nice that you can pick the size for the dog or cat your working with. the toothbrush itself is well made for being a 4 pack, they are sturdy but have a little give to them so i don't think you would break one if a dog got a bit hyper while your brushing their teeth. i use one for my reptile cleaning and the two different toothbrush sizes really help in different cleaning jobs as well as the angle of the toothbrush itself. all in all i would recommend this product for anyone wanting to brush their dog or cat's teeth or if you have a reptile or many reptiles that you need a small brush to clean cages or water bowls with, this does the job very well.

R mullins |

Great for small dogs too

I was looking for a traditional brush for my dogs teeth after buying a finger brush that wasn't strong enough to do the job. these are comparable to medium firm human brushes and my dog doesn't mind me using it on her. my dog is a small jack russell terrier. i like the dual ended brush for the smaller parts of her mouth, mainly the back. multiple brushes mean i will have these for a long while before i have to buy anymore. i received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.