Brand : Mac Dre

Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game, Vol. 2

Purchaser magoo |

I don't actually own this cd, but i know the songs

From the track listings this looks like its just a really good greatest hits. the tracks are much better then "the best of mac dre ii" or the old out-of-date "the best of mac dre i." i think it is best to buy all his stuff though, but if you only want one cd, this is it.

Smokey |

Thizz in peace andre "mac dre" hicks....

I dont own thizz cd but ive heard deez songz befo, pretty good greatest hits....mac dre was untouchable....main stream wasnt ready and i guess never will be ready for tha mac named dre....thizz in peace....after his demise tha bay has been more focused and workin harder than ever to put tha bay on tha this, keak da sneak, ya boy, the frontline, mistah f.a.b..mac dre's produche...i think thats how you spell it...the team, and all tha other bay artist, tha yay area is comin up and pretty soon back on tha scene, tha industry wasnt ready for us back in '95 when luniz made tha map wit "i got 5 on it" after that, we were clouded out tha game, b.e.t. had a one hit wonders show wit tha luniz being a one hit wonder, now 10 years later, we're gettin closer and closer to makin tha bay, bay cat or not, at least take tha time to listen to what tha bay has to offer, trust me, you wont be disappointed, yadadaimeannnn!!!!!!!!!! yeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!