Brand : Tiffany Pitts

Double Blind (The Thanatos Rising Series) (Volume 1)

Madelyn p. |

I love this book!!

It's smart, funny, dangerous.........dangerous, as in "i am way too busy and all i want to do is read this book!" i like that the plot is complex and sprinkled with science and laughter, that the characters are soooo interesting. i like the author's voice and use of language. i started writing down descriptive phrases that delighted me. and before i knew it - i fell in love with the whole of it. where is that second book? i've started re-reading double blind while i wait.

Cat jackson |

Highly entertaining read with great characters and a fun storyline

This book has everything: action, adventure, romance, humor, a cat...what more could you ask for? it was a quick, highly entertaining read with great characters and a fun storyline. one reviewer said it reminded them of dirk gently and i agree, but this author definitely has her own unique style as well, and i can't wait to read more of it.

Camela thompson |


This book was hilarious. pitts brings the characters alive. writing chapters from the perspective of a cat is no easy thing, but i feel they were the best chapters of the book. soon i was imagining the voice of the friskies dear kitten monologues as toesy moved about his world. i loved the concept and it was very entertaining from start to finish.