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Dr. Pete's Eating for a Healthy Heart


Amazing reference for eating truly heart healthy

I picked up a copy of this book in my local natural/organic supermarket. wow. what a find. dr. pete goes through how to make just about everything i used to eat with tons of fat and butter in a totally vegan, heart-healthy way. his guide on living the heart healthy way is totally useful -- but the over 100 recipes that are heart healthy are totally unique and delicious. i love how the book lies flat for when i cook. definitely a must have!

Tia |

Amazingly healthy and yet delicious!

I eat from this book almost every day and i look and feel great! even if you decided to just use an easy recipe for a couple of meals a week, it would be a major improvement over all in most families diets. it's a great book also for people interested in cancer prevention. not to mention how your skin and waistline will thank you! overall it's a wonderful balance between maximum nutrition and easily preparable yumminess:)