Brand : Bram Stoker

Dracula (French Edition)

Sammy k. |

All-time classic that holds up over the years

This has been one of my favorite novels since i was 9 years old -- and i still love it (i'm 34 today). it really holds up. i love the structure, the dynamic visuals, the dialogue. i have read this book at least 20 times, and i hope to read it another 50 times in my life. if you've never read the original vampire story, what are you waiting for?

Z hayes |

A handsome edition of bram stoker's stories

Barnes and noble has published some beautiful leather-bound editions of classic works and this edition of "dracula and other classics" is a recent title, published in 2013. the cover and back design are very attractive, reminiscent of the gothic period, and apt considering the works contained within. the book features three of stoker's major works and a collection of his short stories: dracula the jewel of seven stars the lair of the white worm dracula's guest and other stories: dracula's guest the judge's house the squaw the secret of growing gold a gipsy prophecy the coming of abel behenna the burial of the rats a dream of red hands crooken sands the crystal cup the chain of destiny the dualitists; or, the death-doom of the double born

Dr. jack littley |

Dracula survives the test of time

I saw a theatrical version of bram stoker's dracula about a month ago and was so impressed that i decided to read the book. i'm glad i did. the imagery in the book is incredible. a good story of good vs. evil. well worth reading. although it was written a long time ago, it's as good or better than contemporary thrillers