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DragonBall: King Piccolo Saga, Vol. 2

Terese m. retondo |

The greates of dragon ball.

This is where the series becomes pure epicness. roshi is dead, chiatzou is dead and goku is the last hope for the world. it doesn't get much better bigger then that. we finally get to see one of the better characters, korin make a reappearance. goku learns of the ultra devine water and ventures to obtain it with the comical yajirobe. the series goes into its darkest tone here. king piccolo has taken over the world and the world watches as one boy fights to save it. goku strikes back in a spectacular battle and by the end we get to see one of the greatest moments in dragon ball history. do not hesitate. buy this set!

Dylan |

Goku's first true challenge

After being crushed by king piccolo, goku narrowly escapes death. with yajirobe's aid he returns to korin tower. korin tells goku his only chance of defeating king piccolo may be to drink ultra divine water. only problem is... no one who has reached the water ever came back alive. to make matters worse, king piccolo has regained his youth and quickly takes over the entire planet. can goku survive the ultra divine water? even if he does, will he be strong enough to defeat the newly rejuvenated king piccolo? this saga of dragon ball is by far the most violent and dark, so younger audiences beware, but that just shows how truly evil king piccolo is. this saga has much fighting and is very exciting. goku must face his first true challenge as he tries to save the world.

Free pizza |

Amazing dvd detailing goku vs. young king piccolo

This set starts off where the previous one left off. piccolo wishes to be young again at the start, so this entire set will be about goku's encounters with an even stronger king piccolo then the last one. in these 11 episodes, goku drinks the mystic water and then has a showdown with king piccolo himself. this doesn't happen until after king piccolo takes over the world. overall, there is a lot of very interesting events in this dvd and the demise of king piccolo is not to be missed. the dvd's themselves are bilingual, so they have both the japaneese and english versions. as for the extras, there are none. also, keep in mind that when king piccolo is defeated he does something interesting... this will make you really want to see the next set: piccolo jr. (and who am i to stop you, that set is also very good.)