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Dragonriders of Pern: The Book Game by Anne McCaffrey (1984-05-03)

Emma kratkovich |


I've read all the dragonriders books at least once. pern is a magical world and dragonriders of pern is an excellent story collection.

Shirley |

Rereading one of my favorite authors

I have just recently reread this book. it has always been one of my favorite of hers and hadn't read it for years. i am happy to report that it again was wonderful. her world-building, characters, animals, etc., are also just so magical that you can get lost in the stories, which is a good reason to read in this stressful world of ours. i feel that purchasing these books for my kindle was well worth the money spent. if you haven't tried this author, give her a try. if you love fantasy, great heroes and heroines, and engaging story lines you won't be disappointed. her stories really stand the test of time.

Kindle customer |

One of my favorite books

The white dragon has been one of my favorite books for a long time that i will read and listen to over and over again. it is a good coming of age story taking place in one of my favorite series.