Brand : Simon Furman

Dragons: Riders of Berk Vol. 5: The Legend of Ragnarok

Lyonhaerte |

Love the dragons

I have enjoyed all of the titan comics dragons books. the stories read much like the tv series. the art is excellent, even if proportion is occasionally sacrificed. it's a comic! looking forward to the next series.

C.g. |

Good book

I got this book from my friend rj at secret santa at school. my note (that he got) said i would like a comic book of any kind and he got me this and a star wars rebels comic book. this is a great and funny book. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) i would rate this book at a scale 1- 100 i would say 84%

Boota-san |

Legends and lore

Ragnarocks! the 'riders of berk' series written by simon furman and released by titan comics. i have been a huge fan of the movie and tv installments, so a comic edition filling in the story between the two mediums was a wonderful addition to the franchise. the stories reach well beyond the recommended age range and the artwork is sensational. the 'riders of berk' releases: vol.1 dragon down (may 27, 2014) vol.2 dangers of the deep (nov 04, 2014) vol.3 the ice castle (jan 06, 2015) vol.4 the stowaway (mar 03, 2015) vol.5 the legend of ragnarok (aug 04, 2015) vol.6 underworld (oct 13, 2015) the collectors edition -- large hardcover format + extras (nov 17, 2015) : vol.1 dragon down + vol.2 dangers of the deep [amazon's description of these are not always accurate...] collection vol.1 : tales from berk -- collected edition (feb 16, 2016) : vol.1 dragon down + vol.2 dangers of the deep collection vol.2 : the enemies within... -- collected edition (apr 19, 2016) : vol.3 the ice castle + vol.4 the stowaway collection vol.3 : myths & mysteries -- collected edition (oct 18, 2016) : vol.5 the legend of ragnarok + vol.6 underworld