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Dream Boy: A Novel

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Nathan and his parents move to a new small town, and there he befriends the boy next door, roy, with whom he attends high school. drawn to each other as havens from their respective troubles and families, roy and nathan begin a tentative love affair...with a dark and ominous atmosphere like that created by scott heim or patrick redmond, grimsley's spellbinding tale will startle the reader with its honesty, intelligence, brutality, and beauty.

Jonathan lapin |

As effective a metaphor as one could hope for

I'll start with the literary merits of this book: wow! grimsley manages to maintain a tone thru 190 pages, and that cannot be easy. the whole book is one rhapsodic series of connected images, and his use of foreshadowing astounds. as to the erotic quality of the book, how dare he imply that a 15 year old boi can be sexually active! the intense honesty of that revelation is so refreshing, and it is wonderful to have read a coming of age gay novel that plays it honest. i really don't understand the complaints of some people here about the ending; it is a perfect fit for the rest of the book. i will be reaqding more of mr. grimsley's books, and i look forward to the film version of this one. now for the casting ...

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The boy lives two lives--one of terror and one of love. he keeps the abusive acts of his father ...

This is a gripping read. it's a well written novel about a difficult subject. the boy lives two lives--one of terror and one of love. he keeps the abusive acts of his father hidden even from himself, locked in a box in his brain. his love for the neighboring boy is gentle and restorative, although ironic. i wasn't sure how to interpret the ending. the boy lives in a dream world of his making--a survival tactic. dream boy is comparable to winter birds, which grimsley also wrote--a story of coping with abuse.