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Dream Machine

Luvbeavis |

Dream machine

Love this movie and i have watched this many times. previously, i only had this on vhs. great value and no problems with picture quality.

Rick giles |

Not a real race!

That's my 1927 ford roadster in this movie it was filmed in salt lake city, utah and in real life the race would end with my 383 chevy stroker blowing the doors off the porsche, standing drag or rolling start the tricked up powerglide and high stall converter along with 3.89 positraction rear end would have done a number on it! |

Corey haim is great in a great movie

Dream machine is an excellent movie about an average sixteen year old kid named barry davis, played by haim, who attends the university of colorado and is in love with a beautiful girl who attends there also. on a favor for his father, barry goes to the rich chamberlin mansion to tune a piano where, as a payment, he receives a silver porsche turbo. little does barry know that the dead body of the cheating husband, mr. chamberlin, is in the trunk. things get very interesting as the killer of mr. chamberlin wants the body back and will stop at nothing to get it. with great car chases and great music, this is an underestimated, but great movie.