Brand : Dani O'connor

Dresses and Other Catastrophes

Starlight33 |

The wonder of this couple...

Dresses and other catastrophes transcends your stereotypical idealism of a lesbian couple. this book has passion fun and excitement all in a down to earth package. the third in the set of books is themed in amsterdam and is going to make you laugh smile and cry and then do it all over again!

K. johnson |

The time is now

This is a very short review and i'm sorry. it's not that i have little to say, it's just that no review can do this book justice. if i tell you anything about what happens to them, i'll tell you too much. suffice it to say, these characters are wonderful and their story is one we should all aspire to achieve. doc and sam are ready to get married, but they've put it off repeatedly - until now. sam surprises doc with an engagement ring on her birthday and whisks her off to holland to plan their wedding. they go through a lot while on vacation, but come through it as a stronger couple. bottom line - o'connor is brilliant and understated in her delivery. i'm just anxiously awaiting the next book from this fabulous author. i'd recommend this series to anyone and it will remain a permanent part of my personal collection.