Brand : GERBS

Dried Apricots, 2 LBS - No Sugar Added, Unsulfured & Preservative Free, Top 12 Allergy Friendly & NON GMO by Gerbs

Pat k |

Just what i wanted...

I'm thrilled with my purchase. the dried apple slices i got from gerbs are great. the slices taste like a tart apple, but the texture is chewy. just perfect for healthy snacks. i bought my first order for snacking when apples are out of season, locally. i plan to use them in recipes, too. one of my favorite ways to use dried apple slices is to chop up 1/4 c. and add it to oatmeal. (just add them to the boiling water 3-4 minutes before the oats. a little apple pie spices or cinnamon, and yum!) you should be able to rehydrate the apples for pie, etc., but mine never last that long. for the record, all the apple slices i've eaten so far have been peeled, but a few had a tiny piece of apple core still attached. i wouldn't let that stop you. the taste and texture are far superior to any other dried fruit i've tried. you've got to try these.

Onlythefacts |

These cranberries are bursting with country fresh flavor!! ...

These cranberries are bursting with country fresh flavor!! reminds me of going fishing as a kid up crackaberry crick with grandpa. catching small mouth bass we'd fry em up with a hand full a dried cranberries mmm mmmmm!! then grandpa started touching me...why grandpa, why?? in retrospect he may have been trying to brush off the live embers that i'd flicked on my lap with the stick i'd been using to make smores but you never know. i buried him on the crick bank under a rotten log and said he'd fell in...

Amazon customer |

They are great! great taste

I ordered these cranberries to make a trail mix with gerbs sea salted sunflower seed kernels and gerbs raw pumpkin seed kernels. they are great! great taste! most of all great price!!