Brand : Duke

Duke 0480 Body Traps #280, Otter, Beaver, Coyote, Bobcat

Jim from jax |

Snap goes the beaver

Snap goes the beaver!! got that damn beaver first week out. no more flooding. never used one before, but after watching mountain men and reading up + watching ytube, i found the uber ways to trap. does georgia still has a bounty on beaver tail?? i fenced the path and broke the damn behind the trap. no bait.

Brian reid |

Duke body trap, #280

I have a terrible beaver issue on my lake and they are making things awful. i am not able to shoot them due to being too close to a road so i needed a good trap. this came highly recommended and i see why. with a good lure/bait, i caught my first beaver on just the 2nd set, a whopping 50 inch and nearly 60 pounder! i watched several videos on how to set it and it was actually quite easy. make sure to get a trap tool to load this as the thing is hard, if not impossible, to set just by hand. once i figured out the trick to setting it, it now takes about 2-3 minutes to load. the trap kills the animal immediately, snapping the neck and causing immediate death so there is no suffering. if this is your first time to set these traps, watch lots of youtube videos for information on how to do it. the force of the trap can and will injure you severely if you are not familiar with it. use it with caution! i recommend practicing with it several times before putting it out live. overall, this thing is amazing and i will be purchasing a couple more asap. remember that if you have one beaver in your trap, there will definitely be several more.

Ed |

They work great! for hogs

I use these specifically for ground hogs here in the midwest, but it can be used for many other critters too. they work great! for hogs, just set it over the hole, and check daily. be patient. sometimes they stay underground for long periods of time, and also remember there is usually more than one hole. it's a 99 percent clean kill, for those interested. i've only had one, out of the dozens, somehow got trapped on his rear legs, and was still alive when i found him. i recommend getting the set tool and safety as well. the set tool makes life easier, and the safety ensures there are no broken hands or fingers when handling. these things will get rusty over time, mostly surface rust, so i'll just clean it with a little wd40 or something comparable, and lubricate the pivot points. check youtube for good videos on how to set these things. if you use it correctly, you won't be disappointed. they'll last a long time. good luck!