Brand : Luciano Lavagno

EDA for IC Implementation, Circuit Design, and Process Technology (Electronic Design Automation for Integrated Circuits Hdbk)

Naresh maheshwari |

Must have for all eda professionals/companies

No matter how long you have worked in eda field, this is one book you want to own (and get a copy for the company library). even after 18 yrs in the field, i read this book often, it is an excellent source for references. i often read it to get a broader understanding of eda, as well. this book is easier to read than almost all eda books (even proper text books). most chapter are written by authors of other eda books, so it also serves as a introduction to most eda books. i just hope it gets updated every 5-10 yr to keep it up to date. i recommend buying both volume, but both volume are independent and you can buy just one based on the area you work in. essential book for interviews as well.

M. c. chen |

Good reference for all eda practitioners

Even worked in eda industry for 8+ years, i am not familiar with the extremely complicate eda flow. i was looking for a book which can cover the whole flow, but still can refer me to proper references when i need to jump into any specific topic. this book is just the dreaming choice! every chapter is well written within 30 pages and covers the most important concepts which are essential to know any specific eda topic. the references at the end of each chapter refer readers to more advanced researches. also, every chapter is written by the most famous researchers and/or eda veterans. i strongly recommend this book to all eda practitioners.