Brand : ESV Bibles by Crossway

ESV Compact Bible (TruTone, Chestnut, Crown Design)

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I feel like the font size is the same

I own a single column journaling bible (also by crossway) and what struck me the most was how much slimmer this version is--which makes sense because this is two column. some comparisons: -original hardcover bible has two columns instead of one, so that does pose a challenge for those of you who will take a lot of notes (there's only one column of margins per page) -i think the original double column has thinner pages than the single column journaling bible, at least the edition i have (i have the imitation leather leaf pattern bible). this one has a more classic bible-page feel (very thin) and shows slightly more bleed-through. -original double column has introductions of ot and nt, some "what does the bible say about..." references, and introductions to books (very short & located in the back of the bible). both have a one year reading plan. -original double column, as a mentioned, is slimmer and overall smaller. i feel like the font size is the same. very satisfied with purchase. i would definitely recommend this for those who want a more portable journaling bible (the other bible i have is my study bible that i leave at home; this one is specifically for traveling, bringing to church for sermon notes, etc.). the single column bible i'd recommend if it's mainly for those mornings where you can sit around and really get into it without worrying about how much space you're taking up with notes.

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Best book ever!!

The best book ever! i bought this to get a good understanding of the bible without having to get someone to tell me all the meanings. of course the deeper meanings are still going to have to be sought out.


Jesus christ and the holy spirit want you to have this.

This is an awesome bible. at last! something that is approachable in meaning (in complete american english). this is like having our lord jesus christ speaking to one (you) in all english, american english. learn the word, absorb the word and follow the word. one has to be prepared for the rapture, and one must try hard at being clean in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. jesus christ is god! get this bible esv and learn/absorb/follow the word of our creator. he is our real father! we should look forward for rapture because in the end we shall know everything-of why were are here, and why we were created. many people will go to hell, don't be one of them, get this bible, and pray alot in order to have salvation, worship you lord jesus christ(yeshua). anno domini 2006.