Brand : EasyGO

EasyGO AM-FRS-E8H Smart Key Remote Start and Alarm System with Ultramarine Driver's Door Handle for Scion FR-S

Nicholas e curtis |

Oem look with almost everything included in kit.

This was the one feature of the brz limited that i really wanted for my frs. overall a nice kit to add push start button functionality, alarm, remote start, and lock/unlock from the door handle. it comes with almost everything you need for installation, which is a big plus. because the frs door locks are a positive trigger, you will need a polarity inverter as well (i used a scytek polarity inverter, which was super easy to install and only a few bucks). the kit does require some time and know how to install, so if you aren't comfortable with taking your car apart it is probably best to hire a professional to do it. the customer support was good, but you need to ask specific questions to get the proper support. that said, i installed it myself, and i didn't have much experience, but it took a few weekends. there is a diy on the ft86 forums which is helpful as well. i am extremely happy with the result, it has a clean oem look, and it works perfectly.

Ali emre hortacsu |

Awesome product! not to be installed by wiring diagram, solder and electronics illiterates!

Well as the title suggests, this is an awesome product, however requires a lot of manual labor and skimming though the toyota tis (technical information system) for wiring diagrams and whatnot. information can easily be gathered on the forums especially the forum which has been very helpful for questions and suggestions. it took me a while to install this and hook it up to the correct cables and soldering every connection. one learns a lot about flexibility of human body during installation in such a confined space. since the launch of this product a while ago, the first users did report few issues and i was hesitant to buy it in the first place. however, i was convinced that the issues were resolved and in fact they are. •the kit came with 3 relays with sockets. so no need to buy separately anymore. i used one for trunk, one for 2nd starter. •you still do need to buy the "scytek - inv - negative to positive door lock voltage inverter for car alarm and keyless entry systems" or attach a relay for switching the polarity. the brain has a function to change polarity for the trunk opening function, but i haven't checked it for the door locks. i shall do that :) found one guide to switch polarity with only 1 relay, but most suggested two, so found it easier to go with scytek. •the color of the door handle matched the car perfectly. •start/stop button looks good and the trim piece looks good and attaches perfectly. •good tech support. responded in 48 hours. •door handle installation wasn't really hard. though wiring through the door rubber casing is a pain if you want to do a good job. you don't think about the remote start and keyless systems when you're coming from a vehicle that didn't have those features. but once you try them it really is a convenience, especially during winter. no need to take your key out to press any buttons on the remote fob for locking and unlocking. i learned a lot about the car during this installation. was definitely a good practice :) in the end, it was definitely worth it!

Richard bond |

No more keys

This was the best purchase for my frs it works flawlessly and the guys at gryphon mobile are fantastic. it's a must purchase. it will auto arm when you walk away. remote start, dome light supervision, auto lock doors when driving and unlock when car turns off. +++ all around.