Brand : Elizabeth Gilbert

Eat, Pray, Love

Amer |

This book is a must-read for anyone going through a ...

This book is a must-read for anyone going through a major relationship change. i feel as if elizabeth gilbert is my personal friend and a part of a very large book group of women who have been inspired and moved by her words. i can't thank her enough for sharing with the world such an incredible journey of healing and salvation. i'm ready for my own journey now!

I. b. |

Hysterical, insightful, a great read

This book was suggested to me by my friend, since she had recommended it i was expecting a story that i would enjoy. before i finished the third page, i was in love. gilbert's voice as a narrator is one of the most charming and engaging i've ever encountered, she shares with you her personal quest in such a way that also offers insight into your own life. i borrowed the book from the library first, but ordered it online soon after because this is definitely a book i'm going to want to read again.

Ashley rose |

Great read!

I thought this was a really great read i don't think everyone realizes that this is based on one womans journey so it's not meant to be a definitive guide to your own journey but it definitely does inspire the reader. after reading this book it makes me want to start my own journey of self discovery, not that i want to travel to india and visit an ashram but still being able to experience these countries through the writer is inspirational and insightful. i thought this was a really great book and watched the movie the day after i finished it. i, of course, thought the book was better because there was just so much more detail and personal emotion. i would definitely suggest this book to other people, it's a great story and for me it sparked something inside me that has always wanted to start some kind of spiritual journey of self discovery to come alive again and say so why not now?