Brand : EatSmart

EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale

Carolyn |

Durable, a great value

I don't know how long ago i purchased this- at least 2 years ago?- but i still use it at least weekly. the batteries still work, the tare/unit buttons work just as well as when i bought.

Ngvaynshtok |

Just what i needed

When it comes to diets, knowing the right portion sizes can be hard, and when some of the serving sizes would be in grams, ounces, or pounds, it gets really hard to judge how many servings you're actually eating. this scale is so simple to use, and exactly what i need. i turn it on, put a container, cup or plate on top of it, zero it, and then add my food or drink, and bam, i get the exact serving size, so keeping track of what i eat and how much of it, and how many calories i'm actually taking in just got much easier and simpler =]

Sam a |

Great scale

I bought this because in my quest for eatting better i wanted to be more aware of portion size. this scale works great and is better than a lot of the ones i saw in kitchen stores. i've been using it daily and i would buy this scale again.