Brand : Carlo Celli

Economic Fascism: Primary Sources on Mussolini's Crony Capitalism

Andreuccio |

Fascism's roots

This is the definitive compilation of mussolini's economic philosophy. required reading for anyone desiring to better understand mussolini, fascism, and the groundwork laid by mussolini for many of today's economic and political policies.

M. a. taylor |

Useful insights that apply to current american political trends

Carlo celli has provided an outstanding compilation of historical documents which illustrate mussolini's political philosophy . they provide lessons of history which are timely and relevant to the current "too big to fail" alliance between the u..s government/politicians and big business, particularly in the wake of the recent financial crisis in the u.s. if you are concerned about the policies implemented in the u.s. over the past decade and their impact on the future success of the american political system, you should read this book.