Brand : Eda's

Eda's Tropical Mix Sugar Free Hard Candy Bulk Wrapped (2Lb)

Mother kweh | might get doo-doo on your finger

I eat these, pretend i'm in jamaica and then purge my anus. i'm serious, these are excellent tasty laxatives.

Essay |

These are great!

No artificial sweetener aftertaste - much better than the sugar free lifesavers i was buying. can do without the lemon-lime flavor but there's a true variety in the package and there aren't that many of whatever flavor you don't like.

K. denyse |

Smaller than a life saver

These candies were smaller than a life saver, however, these were vwry smooth, and had a great choice of flavors,that were tropical. i liked that they were not too big since i use them for dry-mouth symptoms for a health condition. they are flavorful enough to be enjoyable, and dissolve without chewing fast enough to be refreshing and only involve a short amount of time. i am going to order them again for sure since i talk for a living. they are individually sealed which makes them nice in a purse or briefcase. quick shipment, well packaged, and good product.