Brand : Edge I-Wear

Edge I -Wear Collection 8 Piece Sunglass Eyewear Display Case Tray D-13AEBNLBN-8

Michael |

Fits the job, exactly!!

Lets define the job, that it fit, exactly, first thing. and it is not, the advertised sunglasses box. i needed a box for the new unit, in my room, that will serve as my dresser. for a comb, and razor and the likes. i was desiring something with some compartments. and the velvet lining, really hit a home run, with my tastes. but i, needed at least one of those compartments to be bigger. i looked at this at tried to engineer how i would do this, even before i bought it. turns out, the job was as easy, if not more easy, than i imagined. the surface of the flat is two, strips of felt, say 6.5 inch strips, that have a fold, or a sort of overlap, to form the separators. so, i pulled up the one side, it had some glue, and took all the separators out. then cut the extra off the end and, re-glued it down. now one side it divided, and one side is not. excellent. oh, yeah. and i folded the lid around to the back, that now faces the dresser top. and it is also velvet covered.

Mont23 |

The material is very good and is worth the price

Elegant and classy box. ideal fro keeping your glasses away from dust. the material is very good and is worth the price.

Positive mom |

Awesome case, big enough for oversized sunnies

Very happy with this purchase, it will protect sunglasses very well. i am a fashion stylist and this is perfect for my to carry them everywhere.