Brand : Richard Syrop

Effortless Savings: A Money Management Guide to Saving Without Sacrifice

Faith of god |

Great book that will save you money

This book is an easy read and has practical tips and advice for saving money. many of the suggestions will save you money without decreasing the service or product in question. in these economic times it would be wise for people to pick up a book like this and start saving money in many of the areas they are needlessly overpaying in. this does not have to be read from cover to cover to get you saving. you can skip to the section you want to deal with and got from there. for the price of a coffee this book is a great deal and if you will apply even one of the ideas the book will more than pay for itself.

Cynthia |

Excellent resource

This book is filled with many useful information and advice for saving money. i will also refer back to it often

Lovetoread |

Get it, buy it, embrace it - now

Hands down, the best book i have read on how to save money - effortlessly - and i have read a lot of books on money management. i have just started reading it and "saved" $45.50 on a planned purchase of a necessary $67.50 item when i bought it for $22.00. ( i purchased a favorite item from my favorite retailer) and i used his same idea to save $4.75 on a purchase of a hard copy of this book for my daughter - tee hee! this is based on just one of his suggestions! richard gives you ideas on how to save hundreds more. good basic money management tips combined with today's internet savvy. i plan to buy myself a hard copy also - i need to be able to dog ear and highlight it. i plan on implementing every idea that is new to me, just to see how much i can save. thanks richard!