Brand : Elesol

Elesol Women's Packable Lightweight Outdoor Coat Windproof Hoodies Rain Jacket Yellow S

Boyang lei |

I love this jacket

I love this jacket. i get more compliments on this jacket than i ever could've expected, and i love the color. my only issue has been trying to clean the marks off of it, i purchased the color in the picture, and i can't see blaming the coat and its material for my spots and inability to get them off-i'll keep working on it until i figure it out. i love the reversible zipper, i think it's a huge plus-it does require my attention when zipping, but i'm okay with that, too. i also really like the fit, it's comfortable. i wear this jacket even when there's no rain in the forecast. this jacket is the one i was looking for but no one had at even near this price. looks great and i'm sure it will work just great when the rain starts falling.

Emmajean m. |

This worked perfect for my use

Ok it is definitely paper thin. this worked perfect for my use, the weather where i was traveling was forecasted to be hot but wet so i didn’t want something heavy. if you style it cute, it looks great!