Brand : Kary Oberbrunner

Elixir Project

Kindle customer |


After reading the first half of the book, i told myself to finish it - it might be worth it. i am so glad that i did. the last few pages made it more than worthwhile. the ending was unbelievable!

Janetde69 |

Want a page-turner?

This book was read by me in one sitting--so it would definitely qualify as a page-turner! if you like science fiction, this is definitely your "cup of tea."

Michele stanford |


I loved elixir project! i received an advance copy and could not put it down. it is a fast-paced thriller unlike anything i have ever read. the characters are well-developed and believable. each chapter ends with a suspense which keeps you turning the page to discover what happens next! it is authentic and real. it is real life wrapped in a fictional package with principles and strategies you can apply in your life starting today! we are all being hacked and if you want to find out how to become unhackable, this the book to read! brilliant!!