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Ender's Game: Speaker for the Dead (Orson Scott Card's Speaker For the Dead)

Dick milhouse |

One of my favorite books do date

One of my favorite books do date. i read a copy that my uncle bought years ago and decided to add it to my collection after the movie came out.

Evan |

A literary classic

What else can be said about ender's game? it's one of the best science fiction books ever written and it is truly a wonderful story to read. it will really make you think until the very last page as to the motives of some of the characters.

Csirus |

Amazing sauce

This book is totally bad ass!! i would recommend it to anyone, any age. it is a little childish at times, but the story it weaves is amazing. it follows the story of a child prodigy who is taught at a young age to command the earth's fleet against the buggers, a species from another planet. the story has a great moral and an amazing story line that draws you in. highly recommend.