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Endurance Shackleton's Incredible Voyage to the Antarcetic

Judy m |

Endurance: shackton's incredible voyage

This is not a book i would typically choose but a friend recommended it as "the best book i've ever read" and so trying to determine what would constitute this recommendation, i read it. it is the true tale of a group of men trying to explore the antartic in 1916. how their ship gets trapped in the ice and how they manage to survive until they are rescued or i should say, how they rescue themselves. this is really a gripping story that i would recommend as an excelent read.

Mary e. riley |

Superlatives are inadequate for this book!

I found this story so fantastic that i immediately bought more copies to give to others! the national geographic article of oct/nov 1998 is the perfect co-read; illustrated with frank hurley's photographs and society maps. if you liked this story of the triumph of the human spirit, try the forgotten soldier, or, for a related fiction read, try the birthday boys.

June s. mair |

This book is excellent!

The age-old clash between man and nature is timeless. the triumph of the explorers over the elements is a tribute to our spieces. if you have any sense of adventure, then you will not be able to put this book down. when you finish reading endurance, you'll spend many pleasurable hours day-dreaming about the bleak conditions of the antarctic, and the brave men who survived.