Brand : Min Kyu Choi

Enter the Invincible Hero

Erik james |

Casanova wong vs dragon lee (fist vs foot)

Dragon lee plays a young bodyguard workin for a local merchant, after money is stolen he decides to use his muscle to stop the bandits. after taking out many bad guys he realizes that the man behind it is his one time school mate. dragon lee is great in this movie, and casanova wong is amazing again as the fast kicking villian. a must see.

Tyrone clinton |

Dragon lee is my [man]!!

The first time i went to n.y. c. time square was when i was little,and my dad took me to see two dragon lee flix. he is mad crazy!built like arnold and with bruce's face.dude makes these weird face expressions.he's off the hook. so i can understand why the wu tang family would put dragon lee in they line up. all the flix i've seen with him have been wild,including this one.he fights this snake fist dude,and a iron belly master and other strange styles. rza talks this up before the flick. it's a crazy flick,but you'll really like it. bring some friends over and kick back with dragon lee!!peace!!

Boris nixon |

The actor's performance was animated and devoted.

The ending was unexpected. the filming technique is breathtaking. the plot is very subtle. the performance of all the actors is very realistic. the film is too good to be true. i watched this movie with my father.