Brand : Elaine N. Marieb

Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology (9th Edition)

Zoku |

Comprehensive and clear

Comprehensive and clear, excellent explanations. current enough for casual study or to supplement a course. i enjoy learning and go to this book when i want to know about anatomy and physiology.


Excellent for review and home study

I purchased this tome as a refresher volume. i needed a good physiology reference as a companion to my several anatomy atlases. i am not formally a student or a medical professional, but a middle-aged lay person who enjoys keeping up-to-date on the "arts & sciences". i am also an artist and enjoy studying the structure, functions, etc of the human body. this book is user-friendly and erudite, a great supplement to my medical (health) references as well as to my art and anatomy guides. you won't go wrong with this publication.

Verogonza32 |

Needed for school

This item works well for my studies and to have for my personal use. it contains the best informative subjects that i need for my class