Brand : Vandesail

Ethernet Cable, Vandesail CAT7 LAN Network Cable RJ45 High Speed Patch Cord STP Gigabit 10/100/1000Mbit/s Gold Plated Lead for Switch/Router/Modem/Patch Panel (1m/ 3ft, Nylon Braided-3 pack)

808amazon customer |

Very nice quality wires

Very nice quality wires. installed and no trouble at all, upgraded from my old cat 5 on the main line between modem and router, download bandwith is up from old wires on an ac3200 router.

Tinfoot |

Flat "oblate" 5 meters - a far cry from the unbending, inflexible, and plain stubborn thick, beefy, and round ethernet cables

There is a very large variety of cable lengths available on this same product page, as well as a choice between two styles ("column" or just round versus "oblate", meaning flat cable). so be sure you have the one you want selected from the drop down box before hitting that shopping cart. i am reviewing the 16 foot (5 meter) "oblate" flat cable... and i definitely give it thumbs up for awesome construction and flexibility. i had an old cat 7 cable i used before switching to wireless that was... okay. it was a thick, huge, beefy, and frankly uncooperative thing that didn't like bending at all, having a will of it's own when trying to get it snug against the sideboards. i decided to run this to a bluray player that had the capability of ethernet, just not wifi, to test it out. beautiful! snugged in against my wall's sideboards easily and performed flawlessly when i booted up netflix via my samsung bluray player. -- i received this as a complimentary review product with the aim of hopefully elucidating features and drawbacks that may help you ultimately decide what fits your needs and budget best.

Joseph campros |


Great cable within a reasonable price. this is a cat7, just as described. it can handle all the internet speed that a person would need. i upgraded to these cables because my internet speed was increasing and my other cables where only cat3. replaced with these and they performed as they should.