Brand : Funimation, Nippon Television Network

Evangelion 1.11 You Are Not Alone Blu-ray En Español Latino Multiregion

Krazieddi |

Eye candy and a much more digestable storyline

Having watched the original series and movie, this new rerelease is a godsend. it's common knowledge that the creator of the series essentially went crazy towards the end of the series and thus the imagery and story towards the end of the series got really wacky. so far, this newer version stays true to the essence of the original story but does it in a less extreme fashion, as well as introduces a new character, adding something new to long time followers of the series. the animation is without a doubt some of, if not the most beautiful i have seen in an anime. the use of computer animation to enhance the film is done very seamlessly. this is truly a blu ray worthy animated film.

Ebraheem jasem alomar |

The rebuild of evangelion

Amazing , can't wait for evangelion : 2.22 , i have the japanese dvd copy of the movie but the blu-ray is something else , a shame it's not in dts .

Marco avalos |

The classic has been masterized

If you are a "otaku" you have to at least seen the classic, well at that time i thought it was the best, now i confirm that it's the best and that you have to have this blu ray in your collection.