Brand : Giada De Laurentiis

Everyday Pasta

Rt in carlsbad |

Giada's style shows through

I'm eager to make my first recipe out of this book; i've got two of her other books, and the recipes are generally 'can't miss'. this has the same look and feel, and given my love of pasta i know i will have lots of fun with this book through the years.

Diy |

Shes done it again!

I absolutely love this book! giada is incredible ! her shows are entertaining and her enthusiasm and passion for food are infectious! i (now) own all 3 of her cookbooks and i have to say "everyday pasta" could easily be my favourite installment. this book has beautiful colour photos and is very easy to follow not to mention, inspiring....i love the pasta glossary although minimal and i agree with one review where it could have contained pics of the pasta thats described but...thats about the only "flaw" to this book. i have tried a few recipes from her previous books and have been very pleased with the results. i cant wait to start with everyday pasta... buying this book wont promise you an entry into the culinary school in paris but it is guaranteed to inspire you in some way. happy cooking!

Debbie petras |

Easy & delicious recipes

I love to make any of giada's recipes. my husband is thrilled when he knows that it's a giada recipe. this cookbook is no exception. everything i've made has been wonderful.