Brand : Laura Reybold

Everything You Need to Know about the Dangers of Tattooing and Body Piercing (Need to Know Library)


The real dangers of body piercing?

I bought this book after reading the negative reviews. i expected to read some gory stories about body piercing, but found this book tame, to say the least. actually, it was somewhat biased in favor of tattooing and should have been titled "a complete guide to body piercing and tattooing". it covers both sides and is especially helpful in giving good advise on the care of piercing and tattooing. the cases given were, in my experience, fairly common and typical. at the hospital where i am at, i have seen much much worse, such as a male who tore his genital piercing and, by the time he got to the hospital, was covered with blood. after reconstruction surgery he had to battle infections. some infections, especially those due to tongue piercing, can be a real problem. i have seen many very nasty infections that linger on for months or longer (infections still are one of the most common causes of death, even in the western world). antibodies are not always effective and over use can result in the development of resistant strains. also, antibiotic use can result in the development of new allergies that can be lethal. a major problem is hepatitis c, which can cause liver cancer, usually a fatal form of cancer. the problem is, it may take 10 to 20 years to develop, long after one has forgotten about the piercing. the literature indicates that this viral infection may be a major problem in the future, but we will not know until several years down the road how serious it will turn out to be. also, hiv infection is a real problem, as is cyst formation, lipomas, keloid formation, edema, hematoma, and other health problems. after reading the negative reviews of this book, it is quite clear to me that the critics never read the book. someone needs to write a book on the real dangers of body piercing and tattooing.