Brand : Kai T. Erikson

Everything in Its Path: Destruction of Community in the Buffalo Creek Flood

The jet |

Wrecked lives

In the summer of 1948, we lived in lorado, west virginia (logan county). the buffalo creek ran behind `our' house, while a road and the tracks of the c&o railroad ran just beyond our front yard. the photo on page 37 shows those tracks that we often walked from lorado towards man, wv. it could well be a picture of our former front yard. i , of course, remember the news accounts of the 1972 disaster. so, i have a personal outlook at this sociological follow-up of the lives wrecked when the earth dam and mine tailings gave way. kai erickson has done a deeply moving and eloquent account of the ramifications of this recent tragedy. i recommend it to all interested in mankind and the factors that fall upon our fellow travelers as we all 'work our way through life.'

Ashley mangus |


My father was 10 years old when the flood came roaring down, and destroying everything he knew. he had to flee with his mother and father and a sister, and 4 brothers. he remembers everything, and still to this day, when it rains, he goes outside and always watches the creek to see if it is going to flood, because after buffalo creek flood, he was in several smaller floods. he remembers seeing the bodies tangled up in the railroad tracks, some of the bodies was his family, such as cousins and other distant relatives. all of them ran to the top of a mountain with some other survivors, and his older brothers were also saving several other neighbors and families, dragging them up on top of the mountain to safety. he had seen a man being brought up and his skin on his back was just shredded by the force of the water and the debri that was in it. it was horrible and it is engraved into his mind forever, being a 10 year old boy, and seeing all of the terrible things he seen. after the flood was over, they faced another challenge, his family of 8 was homeless, and didn't have anywhere to go, but to the man high school gym, and the school might have been a place to rest there head, but it also was a place that housed the bodies of all of the victims that were placed in the basement. i couldn't imagine going through what he went through. they had to live in that gym for months upon months until they could get a new place after they cleaned up all the damage that had happened. i love this book because he loves to read about everything, even though it brings up bad memories. my daddy is a survivor along with the rest of my family, grandmother's, grandfathers, aunts and uncles, and if they hadn't survived i wouldn't be here today.. i am so glad that this book was written, its a great read...

J. park |

Sociology must

This was an excellent book, well-written and informative. using buffalo creek as the fulcrum, erikson provides readers with a good introduction of communities and trauma. it is interesting to note the similarities and differences between the aftermaths of sept 11 and buffalo creek. erikson's book is a must read for social scientists and anyone interested in creative non-fiction writing.