Brand : ExOfficio

ExOfficio Men's Give-N-Go Boxer, Curfew, Large

Normr |

Really comfortable underwear

I travel a lot. 7 days 3 pair, 1 on, 1 in the drawer, 1 drying. they dry in a few hours and are compact to pack. did a 12 day transatlantic cruise with 3. no problem great stuff. additional info: have now had most of product for over 3 years and they do not show any signs of wear. no pilling or shrinkage. i now own 14 pairs of boxers, have made 3 transatlantic cruises with a max of 4 pair. having a balcony cabin allows them to dry in a half hour with the wind blowing. they are well worth the money.

Rion smith |


These are so great. comfy, snug and they do their job. in fact, the only complaint i have about them is that they retain heat. this is bad when you fart as often as i do, because essentially you are dutch ovening your lower extremities. when you take the boxers off at the end of the day, the combination of 30 plus farts eagerly assaults and rapes your nostrils. other than that... great boxers. also - they clean easily in the shower. 30 farts a day leaves skid marks which just come magically out after 30 seconds with water and soap. love it!!!

Almills3 |

Must have for travelling

I like that these boxers have some heft. they are very comfortable and can be washed and dried very quickly