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Félix González-Torres


Eloquent essay, sensitive design...

This is perhaps the best monograph of any contemporary artist out there today. spector's essay is reserved, lucid, and leaves room for the imagination of the reader. she balances her own ideas with numerous quotes by the artist, developing a partnership, a conversation. and the reproductions are just stunning. reading this book is an intimate experience--it captures the spirit of felix gonzales torres' work and life. it's the sort of book you'll carry with you everywhere and never know just why.

Jose |

All felix gonzalez torres

This small book, incredibly well edited, is the perfect way to enter into the extremely poetic and conceptual universe of felix gonzalez-torres. the book were released months before his death in 1996, so he was in part responsible of its content and structure. this reedition gives a great opportunity to know him better, to appreciate him better and to understand why the united states chosed him to represent the country at venice's bienalle of 2007, eleven years after his tragic final. if you want to have just one book about him this one is the perfect choice.

Mdr |

Beautifully conceived book on his ideas

This is not a picture book but a book that discuss about felix ideas and thoughts. beautifully presented. small format. 6" x 8".