Brand : FAKRO

FAKRO LST 66820 Insulated Steel Scissor Attic Ladder for 22-Inch x 47-Inch Rough Openings

X |

Nice thick door

Used a block and tackle to lift it up to the attic for installation. nice thick door, good quality construction.

Aberry |

Awesome attic ladder

Warning: i have heard from my husband and our numerous friends who assisted him that this was very difficult to install. i think it was the weight of the unit that gave them the most trouble. now that the installation warning is out of the way, i just want to say that i love, love, love this attic ladder. we have a very limited clearance for an attic ladder. conventional wooden ladders would not fit. we also needed a ladder that could support up to 300 lbs. so that we wouldn't have to worry about my husband or a hefty workman damaging the structural integrity of the ladder and endangering themselves and all future users. lastly, i wanted to be able to pull out and put away the ladder all by myself without any assistance. this attic ladder from fakro meets all of my many needs. bonuses: i love how stable the ladder feels underfoot compared to the old sectioned wooden ladders i have always had to use in the past. i love that i didn't have to go out and find a local dealer for this fakro ladder. i love that it does not have a skinny rope pull dangling down from it and whapping me in the face when i walk through my hallway. i love that it was delivered very quickly, right to the front door of my residential address, and that was with free shipping.

Albert |

Sturdy, practical and looks great

The product is well made, sturdy, practical and looks great. the scissors stairs fold into the small area and it takes a little force to open. once it's in place, it flushes against the ceiling leaving no gaps or traces behind as if it is part of the original structure. be sure to leave some room in the perimeter of the frame for easy installation. i went by the book and it got too tight when trying to flush the frame to the ceiling. i was missing a few nuts for the brackets and couldn't find matching european threaded nuts from hardware stores. a phone call to fakro usa solved the issue. they were nice to send me the european threaded nuts in the mail.