Brand : Jacob W.; Grimm, Wilhelm K.; Holme, Bryan (editor) Grimm

Fairy Tales by The Brothers Grimm 1913 Pictures by Hope Dunlap


Now this is a kids book on tape!

The narrators bring these wonderful stories to life - my children and their friends can listen to these over and over! each narrator brings wonderful voices to each of the characters! the variety of stories and the length of each is just enough to capture their interest and keep them entertained!

Ben |

Read it when a child

It was very scary then and still is. bit it did stimulate the imagination. that's for sure. incidently the brothers grimm are my distant relatives.

Amazon customer |

The real stories.

These stories are a must read for all children. they are magical and intelligent, as well as, harsh and dark. however, if read over a reasonable period and with adult guidance, these stories provide invaluable life lessons that are more and more absent from our modern popular and mass market stories.