Brand : Kevin Conroy

Feat of Clay: Part 2

John harman |

Great show!!

This is classic bruce timm. the show has stood up to the times and is still a great show with quality stories.

Tony |

Excellent animated series

This is one of my favorite animated batman series. this is not for younger kids due to some of the more adult story lines and situations. still good clean good vs evil storyline.

Dale m. houstman |

What to say that hasn't already been said?

What is there to say? i think anyone who is already interested in the batman character knows how marvelously imaginative and fun these stories are, and how well done. from the eye-catching retro deco design (based on the 1940s "superman" cartoons by the fleischers) to the great array of established and - especially in the case of harley quinn - soon-to-be-established characters...these set the bar very high for television animation, and that bar has not been reached again. i can watch them over and over. the first season is probably the best, as the illustration style is the most purely 40s based, and batman is a solo character, robin being added later due to the insistence of the producers, who felt he would appeal more to children, although the toon is clearly not meant for children. but all seasons are worth a viewing...or two....or three...or four...etc.