Brand : J.B. Stanley

Fit to Die (The Supper Club Mysteries)

Cynthia r. keebler |

J.b. stanley

J.b. stanley has written several books in this series and they are very interesting. i enjoyed this book very much and it always keeps you guessing regarding who done it. it is fun because the characters keep you guessing wondering what next will happen and you try to figure it out.

T. jones |

Fit to die by j.b. stanley

I love this series of mystery novels! i had gotten the supper club #3 on kindle for free and now i am addicted to the series. they are easy and quick reads and you fall in love with the characters! there are even some recipes included in each of the novels.

Carole oliver |

Fit to enjoy

Fit to die is a light, fun read from a fun author. there's nothing serious here but for a super escape, take a couple of hoours and just enjoy this mystery. and, don't be mistaken, this is a mystery in several aspects. the characters are well developed and become friends you hope to see again and again. i read each of the books in the series back to back and wait anxiously for the next one. keep 'em coming!