Brand : Ben Hogan

Five Lessons the Modern Fundamentals of Golf

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Best money ever spent on my golf game!

Wow! it will not make you tiger but i promise you will improve your game and your swing with this book.

Alice collins |

Ben hogams five lesson

There is an abundant of information and helpful tips with helpful illustrations. the book is comprehensive and great for a new golfer.

Robert c. remington |

The master speaks

This is the only thing a golfer needs to read...i am sure there are things in here that do not apply to all golfers..but in general, this is the golf swing. you can spend thousands of dollars on lessons, aids, etc...( i know because i did!) and then come back to realize this is every bit of all that..condensed into a short book. i also learned the hard way that my parents knew what they were talking about! (of course that cost me quite a bit more than golf did...but i'll,write that book review if my dad can come back from beside the good lord and write it!)