Brand : Flip Video

Flip Ultra Video Camera - White, 1 GB, 30 Minutes (1st Generation)

Amazon customer |

A really sweet product

This item is well designed, well made and does the job i need it to do. i bought this recorder to digitize some very old 8mm family movies and i started the project last night with very satisfactory results. i projected the movie and recorded it from the screen..flipped out the usb connection and plugged it into the computer, simply dragged the file to my hard drive and it was a done deal!! no special software needed. i am impressed with the quality of this product for the unbelievable price!

Phillip p. burr |

Well worth the price

The flip ultra is an easy well thought out product. it takes great video and is easy to tranfer to other devices. the ultra takes great video and is great for action shots. i use it mostly for shotting extreme sports. the quality is great and easy to get. i would recomend this flip video to any beginner through pro.

Big dog investments, inc. |

Great little device

This little camera is fantastic!. when i pull this out everyone wants to play with it. then they ask where to get one! picture quality is excellent. great price...everyone needs one of these!