Brand : Forearm Forklift

Forearm Forklift L74995CNMEXICO Lifting Straps - Viva Mexico, Special Edition

V. nishida |

Highly recommend!

I am a 5 ft woman and used this to lift large solid/wood dressers with my husband - with ease. we also used this to carry 8 foot glass doors down 3 flights of stairs with no problem as well. highly recommend!

Kristine m. bigelow |

Love these straps

These straps enabled myself and my teenage daughter, both of us petite, to move our entire home. it was amazing.

S prentiss |

Moved dressers, desks, and a mattress with ease

I got the actual forearm forklifts in my order. i purchased them for my most recent move. they helped immensely with moving items like our dressers, mattress, and office desks. in most cases we didn't even need to empty the drawers because we could lift them really easily which meant less packing and unpacking when we got to our new place (that alone was worth the price). my wife was a bit skeptical about me wanting to grab these so bad. but i had used them helping someone else move and it was amazing. i highly recommend them to anyone who's about to move. once she tried them and we were able to move so much stuff, so easily, she loved them. note: just make sure you slip the straps down to just above your elbow. otherwise you won't be using them right and it'll hurt your arm.