Brand : Jennifer Murgia

Forest of Whispers (Hedge Witch)

G. aquino |

Another amazing book

The descriptions are amazing! jennifer murgia was able to paint a vivid picture of the scenery without bogging the reader down with excessive detail. her gift with words is akin to an artist's paint on canvas, she paints a beautiful picture that stays with you for a long time. i would highly recommend this book for any young adult reader. there is no inappropriate content, no awkward situations, it is just good, clean, wholesome, captivating reading. other authors ought to take a page from jennifer murgia's style of writing, it's definitely a welcome relief in the ya genre.

Rajdeep paulus |

Magical, beautiful, and unforgettable

Once in awhile you read a book that pulls you in like a really great movie. that is how i felt the entire time i read forest of whispers. with superb writing, vivid imagery, a plot that propels you into a world of magic, jennifer murgia weaves an incredible tale with a duel point of view. really hoping they make this one into a movie! just wow!

R |

Beautiful historical detail

Beautiful historical detail, crisp imagery, exquisite language, a sweeping and breathtaking romance. if that's what you're looking for, you will find it in forest of whispers. i have never read a book that took place in this unique time and setting, and i am so glad i did. murgia's attention to detail and knowledge of witch customs was impressive, showing how carefully researched this book is, but even more beautiful is the unique story and gentle romance. i can not wait for the second book in this captivating series!